NYU Computational Neuroscience Symposium

Friday June 16, 2017

Morning session

10:00-10:10   Introduction by the program directors, Xiao-Jing Wang and Wei Ji Ma

10:10-10:50   Keynote lecture: Daeyeol Lee (Yale University)


10:55-11:10   Undergraduate trainee talk: Camille Gasser

11:10-11:25   Undergraduate trainee talk: Tom Hindmarsh Sten

11:25-11:40   Graduate trainee talk: Hsin-Hung Li (Psychology)


11:45-12:05   Faculty talk: Cristina Savin (Neural Science / Data Science)

12:05-12:25   Faculty talk: Jonathan Winawer (Psychology)


Lunch break


Afternoon session

1:30-2:10       Brenden Lake (Data Science)


2:15-2:30       Undergraduate trainee talk: Yunqi Li

2:30-2:45       Graduate trainee talk: Jonathan Gill (Neural Science)


2:50-3:10       Coffee break


3:10-3:30       Faculty talk: Marc Gershow (Physics)

3:30-3:50       Faculty talk: Zhe Chen (Neuroscience Institute)      

3:50-4:35       Panel discussion: Challenges in theory/experiment collaborations. Biyu He (Neuroscience Institute), Dmitry Rinberg (Neuroscience Institute),

                      Eero Simoncelli (Neural Science). Moderator: Wei Ji Ma